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A Solar powered Blinds In Glass Smart System

The team at Blinds In Glass are excited to showcase to our customers the Eco-friendly smart blind system, which is wire-free, motorised and powered by natural light.

Featuring a 3.6V Motor which is powered with a Lith-ion battery that is charged with an external solar panel to achieve an Eco-Friendly electronic integral blind, the electronic blind is available in venetian and the pleated blind.

All of our Integral blinds have a warm edge spacer bar (available in Black or Grey) that produce excellent thermal efficiency to your home, with a plastic side profile to maximise energy performance.

While the conventional magnetically operated integral blinds and cord operated integral blinds are a substantial upgrade from regular blinds and curtains, electronically operated integral blinds are the step further to a smart home with a remote control as an additional item to make your blinds remotely operated.

Enquire with Blinds In Glass today for high quality Integral Blinds with a 10 year Seal Warranty & 5 year product warranty.

Key Information

  • Electronically Operated Integral Blinds
  • Solar Powered
  • Cable Free
  • No dusting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to operate
  • Sealed between glass for energy savings
  • Provides privacy and sunlight control
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Passes the toughest performance standards
  • Tempered safety glass that is three to five times stronger than annealed glass
  • 10-year glass seal warranty
  • 5-year product warranty


  • Min width – 300mm
    Max width – 2000mm
  • Min height – 300mm
    Max height – 2600mm

Maximum height possible according to width

  • Width 300-350mm Max height = 1670mm
    Width 351-400mm Max height = 2020mm
    Width 401-1500mm Max height = 2200mm

Maximum glass area of 2m2.

  • Venetian blinds: 12mm slats
  • Produced to EN1279 standards, 28mm
  • Double glazed, tempered, low-E Planitherm One Argon gas filled (Planitherm Total)
  • Spacer bar: black warm edge.
  • Warranty (product): 5 years
  • Warranty (glass seal): 10 years

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The smart style of the corded integral blind system is accompanied by a black or grey warm edge spacer bar to produce unique appeal, while also delivering outstanding U-Values.
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