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We are delighted at Blinds In Glass to showcase the SV Slider System

The ScreenLine SV System uses a magnetic component to operate your integral blinds, by sliding the magnet up an down the glass, you can raise, lower and tilt the blinds.

We have two blind type options – Venetian or Pleated Blinds In Glass, all of our sliders benefit from a closed-loop belt driven transition, allowing for a effortless and long lasting Integral Blind. The external magnetic slider is coated with a Sanitized antibacterial finish, to deliver a hygienic operating mechanism.

All of our Integral blinds have a warm edge spacer bar (available in Black or Grey) that produce excellent thermal efficiency to your home, with a plastic side profile to maximise energy performance.

The ScreenLine SV Slider System is fully compliant with child safety standards, making it the perfect blinds solution for your home.

Enquire with Blinds In Glass today for high quality Integral Blinds with a 10 year Seal Warranty & 5 year product warranty.

Key Information

  • Magnetically Operated Integral Blinds
  • No dusting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to operate
  • Sealed between glass for energy savings
  • Provides privacy and sunlight control
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Passes the toughest performance standards
  • Tempered safety glass that is three to five times stronger than annealed glass
    10-year glass seal warranty
  • 5-year product warranty


  • Min width – 300mm
  • Max width – 1500mm
  • Min height – 450mm
    Max height – 2200mm

Maximum height possible according to width

  • Width 300-350mm Max height = 1670mm
  • Width 351-400mm Max height = 1800mm
  • Width 401-1500mm Max height = 2200mm

Maximum glass area of 2m2.

  • Venetian blinds: 12mm slats
  • Produced to EN1279 standards, 28mm Double glazed, tempered, low-E Planitherm One Argon gas filled (Planitherm Total)
  • Spacer bar: black warm edge.
  • Warranty (product): 5 years
  • Warranty (glass seal): 10 years

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The smart style of the corded integral blind system is accompanied by a black or grey warm edge spacer bar to produce unique appeal, while also delivering outstanding U-Values.
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